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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lost Mojo

Well Ladies I was MIA and I had lost my MOJO for a while. I had to get some family things in order. For those who did not not know I have been out of work. I got laid off back in January of 2009. Its starts off okay you know like a vacation taken a break. Not having to get up and clean the snow off of the car stuff like that but after awhile you start to look at the calender and now you are fliping another month over and then another month and now its spring and then summer you start to worry a little. But with a lot of prayers, faith, and great love and support. I AM BACK!!!! Today was my first day and it feels great.

Now lets get to the good stuff. What's been going on????


Gail said...

Sometimes one door shuts and another opens. Good luck.

RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

Welcome back. Congrats on the new job! Now we can get down to the business of sewing.