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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More on Garment District

My next stop was to Pacific Trimming
I did pick up a few things sew-on rhinestones, a couple of zippers for up coming projects
And pursue handles. I thought that their rhinestone was a bit on the high-end with cost. (I will explain why) 7 in. zipper was .50 cents each.

My next stop was to Rosen & Chadick Fabrics, I did pick up some fabric. I could not help myself.

I fell in love with this rich multi colors, which I thought would be great has a maxi dress.

“Big Ups” to David Chadick, which after speaking with him I found out he had attended a college in my area. So Bloggers, the customer service is great and great quality fabrics so stop by and introduce yourself A must stop by!!!

Next stop was B&J Fabrics, It’s on the high-end but again the fabric is great. I was able to find a lot of what I wanted but I did decide on a black and red on white and a tan and chocolate piece. A must stop by!!

Next stop was to Joyce Trimming, which I loved and the prices were the best compare to Pacific Trimming and a lot more choices. I did pick up more embellishments from here. I got some flat backs resin rhinestones. A must stop by!!!

And I ended my day with M&J Trimming which is great of course and have the same competitive prices as

Joyce Trimming so you can not loose with either one. A must stop by!!!

I want send a big thanks to Lindsay for her blog and the great information about the "Garment District".

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QueenSH said...

I am jealous!! LOL! picked up some nice pieces. Thanks for posting the link to Lindsay's blog. It will come in handy.